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Yellow Puff Flower Granny

Yellow Puff Granny Square

This pattern is COPYRIGHT © Jackie Karp 1998/99/2000-12
Do NOT post pattern on other web sites, crochet groups etc or copy illegally.
Pass on the URL instead. It is free for personal use ONLY!

Square is 6 inches
Yellow, green and cream worsted weight yarn.
Hook size 4.5mm

Beg PC (popcorn):
ch3, 4dc in sp, drop look on hook, insert hook in 3rd chain of ch3 and draw dropped loop through.

PC: 5dc in sp, drop loop on hook, insert hook in top of first dc and draw dropped loop through

Ch 5, join in first ch to form ring.

RND 1: Beg pc in loop, ch2, (pc in loop, ch2) 3 times.
Join with sl st to top of first pc

RND 2: sl st to first ch2 loop, (beg pc, ch3, pc in loop) ch3, (pc, ch3, pc, ch3 in next loop) 3 times.
Join with sl st to top of first pc.
Finish off yellow

RND 3: Join green with sl st in any ch 3 loop
(sc, hdc, 5dc, hdc, sc) in each ch 3 loop around. sl st to first sc to join.
Finish off green

RND 4: Join cream with sl st in centre st of any leaf
sc, ch5 (sc in centre st of next leaf, ch5) around. Join with sl st to first sc

RND 5: sl st to ch 5 loop. *7dc in loop, ch3, 7 dc in next loop, ch1* repeat from * to * 3 times
Join with sl st to top of first dc

RND 6: ch2, 4hdc, (sk2, 3dc ch3 3dc in corner ch3 loop, sk2, 11hdc) repeat twice,
sk2, 3dc ch3 3dc in corner ch3 loop, sk2, 6hdc. sl st to fist hdc to join
Finish off cream

RND 7:
Join green with sl st anywhere. sc in each st around, working 5 sc in each corner sp.

Finish off and weave in all ends securely

COPYRIGHT © Jackie Karp 1998/99/2000-10

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